How Many Countries in North America?

How Many Countries in North America?The North American Continent is made up of 23 different countries and 9 dependent territories. Of the 23 countries that divide up the continent, Canada, and the United States comprise nearly 80% of the total land area. North America is part of the super-continent referred to as “Americas” which is split into South America and North America. The countries of North America primarily speak Spanish or English with more than half of the countries being primarily Spanish speaking countries. Of all the land area on planet Earth, North America makes up approximately 17% of the total.

Dividing Lines of North America

North America has its boundaries in the north surrounded by the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side. On the western and southwestern side, the Pacific ocean sets its boundaries. The Gulf of Mexico and Carribean Sea mark the Southeastern boundaries of the continent. North America has only a small area that is connected to any other continent located between the country of Panama (North America) and Columbia (South America).

List of Countries in North America

North American Countries Capital City Population
United States of America Washington, D.C. 324,314,000
Mexico Mexico City 112,322,757
Canada Ottawa 35,851,774
Guatemala Guatemala City 16,176,133
Cuba Havana 11,204,000
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 10,911,819
Haiti Port-au-Prince 10,033,254
Honduras Tegucigalpa 8,576,500
El Salvador San Salvador 6,163,000
Nicaragua Managua 6,071,045
Costa Rica San José 4,832,234
Panama Panama City 3,454,698
Jamaica Kingston 2,719,814
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain 1,339,002
Bahamas Nassau 369,670
Belize Belmopan 368,310
Barbados Bridgetown 277,821
Saint Lucia Castries 172,746
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown 109,088
Antigua and Barbuda St. John’s 88,057
Dominica Roseau 67,117
Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre 52,249
Grenada St. George’s 10,437
TOTAL   555,485,525

List of Dependent Territories in North America

This list includes territories that are considered a dependent territory, area, or region. These territories generally do not have complete control over their political interests but often do have significant independence compared to the controlling countries political system. We have noted the country that each territory is linked to in parenthesis next to the name. You can learn more about dependent territories here.

Dependent Territories Capital City Population
Puerto Rico (USA) San Juan 3,982,364
United States Virgin Islands (USA) Charlotte Amalie 110,695
Bermuda (UK) Hamilton 65,214
Greenland (Denmark) Nuuk 57,054
Cayman Islands (UK) George Town 56,458
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK) Cockburn Town 33,021
British Virgin Islands (UK) Road Town 23,125
Anguilla (UK) The Valley 15,581
Montserrat (UK) Plymouth, Brades 6,577
TOTAL   4,350,089

The continent of North America has been less volatile over the past few hundred years as it pertains to the creation of new countries and failure of others. We don’t anticipate as many changes to this list of countries but we will be diligent in keeping the population data updated as it becomes available!