7 Continent Facts

7 Continents Facts

Exploring the facts of our world can be inspiring, interesting, and perhaps even entertaining. This list of facts about the 7 continents is an evolving piece of information that we wish to add to over time. Below you will find an interesting list of scarcely known facts about the continents that make up our world.

From the windiest continent to the highest continent to the largest…some of these facts may surprise you.These are great facts for school projects, talking points, and even for trivia. Imagine the possibilities if you were able to commit them to memory! Know any facts about the seven continents that you think should be added here? Leave them in the comments section below!

7 Continents Facts Continent Notes
Windiest continent Antarctica
The coldest place on earth Antarctica -89.2 °C (?128.6 °F; 184.0 K) at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica, on July 21, 1983.
Smallest continent Australia 2.97 million sq miles (7.692 million km²)
Most populated continent Asia 4.14 billion (2011)
Least populated continent Antarctica Only visitors. Permanent human population of zero.
Largest continent Asia 17.21 million sq miles (44.58 million km²)
Continent with the most countries Africa 54 sovereign countries
Continent with only one country Australia
Contains the world’s longest river Africa The Nile river located in Egypt
Contains the world’s largest desert Africa The Sahara
Contains the highest point on earth South America Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador
Contains no countries Antarctica
4th largest continent South America 6.888 million sq miles (17.84 million km²)
3rd largest continent North America 9.54 million sq miles (24.71 million km²)
2nd smallest continent Europe 3.931 million sq miles (10.18 million km²)
2nd largest continent Africa 11.67 million sq miles (30.22 million km²)

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  2. These facts are very interesting and educating.I found them simple to understand and easy to memorize which was important!

  3. Very interesting facts, I find it cool, exciting, and enjoyable learning these cool facts about the continents because when I was in school didn’t pay much attention. Resources like these helped me learn or remember information abut states, country’s, cities, oceans or any of the other stuff. It’s nice learning cool facts and reading information and not having to be in school just to learn it all.


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